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Physical Education games and resources for educators and teachers

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My name is Howie Weiss. I am dedicated to promoting best practices in physical education. I believe that all physical education lessons should start with fun, include fitness and social education and help instill a love for life long movement. It is my hope that you will find this web site an outstanding resource for your physical education program.

I love to create games for physical educators. I have been inventing exciting educational games for the past 30 years. I will be sharing my expertise on my web site and in my book: Fun, Fitness, and Skills - The Powerful Original Games Approach." You can find my book on the Human Kinetics Web Site. Just follow this link:

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Physical Education Games and Resources for Educators and Teachers

Howie Weiss

Physical Education resources and games for teachers and educators.
Bowling Pin Soccer - fromPowerful Original Games

See what readers think: Fun, Fitness, and Skills-The Powerful Original Games Approach

More Powerful Original Games

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Update: Now four sample games. I hope you try these games and let me know what you think. Please e-mail me at I am thinking of writing another games book. My idea is standard based games with an educational purpose that are quick to learn, easy to play, and of course fun. Each game will have only four instructions, making them very simple and quick to learn. The games will also have variations so that different skills can be taught and different ages will benefit from them. I have included four examplesGreat Games in Four. I would really appreciate your feedback. You can e-mail me with any opinions or suggestions as your responses will help me sell the idea. Thank you very much.

Are you still teaching sit-ups and crunches? Maybe you should re-think these exercises. Check out a report from Newsweek: Click here

Find my workshop - Organizing for Success along with slected games -

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Adapted Tchoukball. Tchoukball is an excellent cooperative game that can be played by many different grade levels. If you do not have the equipment to play, you can play my version: Adapted Tchoukball

Sample Volleyball Games and Activities- Enjoy these games and activities for volleyball. You can also substitute many other kinds of balls and use many of these games for teaching other sports skills.

Here is a stimulating original standards based tag game. There are many more exciting physical education tag games in my book - each is a full lesson plan. Poly Spot Tag

Holiday games are extremely motivational. Find some great games for the holiday season. Just click on the games link above. There are also many more standard based holiday games in my book Powerful Original Games

Target Ball is a throwing and movement game with lots of variations. This game can be modified so that any age may derive benefits, while the teacher is free to help and/or assess individual students.

A simple stopwatch can be a fantastic tool for fun and fitness games. This game is great for any age, but should be modified for grades k and one. Stopwatch Fun

Pre-K Physical Education Primer helps teach physical education in the early childhood years. Contains games and activities for Pre-k and K students.

In the category: Physical Education Invasion Games. Wonderful for upper elementary and middle school students. Even high school students will love this game. Roller Ball

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I have been a workshop leader in national, state, and local conventions. To find my handouts and some really all inclusive games, click on PE News. All the handouts have some really excellent standards based games. You can also view a picture from one of these workshops under Great Links.

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Check PE Views for How to Use a Remote Control to Start and Stop Movement. Using a remote to start and stop the action will enhance all your physical education games and activities. Also note that there is a remote that really works well with and IPOD. IJET

Elementary physical education games for teachers and educators.